50M Swimming Pool
PAS recently completed work on a new pool and leisure centre successfully installing public address and intercom systems.

Hospital and Clinics
Contracted to a NHS Trust, PAS have recently supplied access control and CCTV systems to a busy hospital and clinic site.
Town Hall Complex
PAS have recently completed the supply and installation of a large emergency PA system to a very busy and highly occupied local authority headquarters in the City of London.
Classroom Soundfield Systems

Young people spend at least 45% of their school day engaged inlistening activities, with today's classroom acting as a primarily auditory verbal environment.

However, a recent study in the journal of the American Medical Association showed that 14.9% of children aged 6~19 suffer from some degree of hearing impairment, either permanently or temporarily due to illness, infection or allergies.

Studies estimate that 80% of school children will have some form of hearing loss during an academic year and, with the importance of auditory learning in the classroom, the use of technology to enhance listening performance ultimately allows children to learn more efficiently.

One of the simplest and most effective solutions is a 'Sound Field Voice Reinforcement System'. Functioning like a mini public address system in harmony with the classroom acoustics, Sound Field Voice Reinforcement features a wireless microphone, receiver, amplifier and between one and four loudspeakers (dependent upon the size of classroom).

...The key aim of a (speech reinforcement) system is to increase the loudness of the direct sound, particularly for more distant listeners, whilst keeping sound as natural as possible.

The distribution of loudspeakers and their directional characteristics is a key issue in achieving high speech intelligibility. For large teaching rooms and lecture theatres, loudspeakers can be distributed in the ceiling...

Furthermore, within Appendix 9: Equipment Specifications for sound field systems in schools, the report states NXT Loudspeakers and names Armstrong i-ceilings as recommended solutions; There are advantages in the use of these loudspeaker types, as they provide a better average sound coverage in a room and provide a better level of speech intelligibility under some conditions... Less NXT type loudspeakers are required and it may be found that one (loudspeaker) will suffice for the smaller classroom.

A typical Soundfield system will consist of a headworn microphone, transmitter bodypack, a receiver and amplifier plus loudspeakers (usually within the ceiling). The system works wirelessly allowing the member of staff to move freely amongst students within the classroom.


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