Business Public Address and Sound Systems

Communicating around office buildings, regardless of whether you need to cover one or more floors, or multiple buildings across a site is straightforward with a public address system from PAS Sound.

We have supplied and installed systems in numerous office buildings for both public and private sectors, allowing staff to communicate quickly with each other and relay important safety announcements easily. Our systems can be integrated with alram signals, telephone systems and other devices to make communicating easy.

Offices & Businesses
A single zone system around the entire building or selectable by area or floor, either way it's easy to make a system work best for you without disturbing everyone if so you desire. We routinely install systems without disturbing you and your staff avoiding additional cost through out of hours working. If you have a smaller office than those shown here, no problem, we have worked in office buildings of all sizes.
London Council offices emergency pa system
9 storey London office building
Council Offices
Offices and IT Centre
Emergency Public Address with messages and standby power
Multi-zone Public address system with digital messages
Government offices emergency PA system
Office building
Government Offices
Offices and Business Units
Emergency Public Address with messages and standby power
Communal area PA System