Public Address and Sound Systems
Types of amplfication systems

There are many different types of public address system available on the market for various requirements. The term PA or public address means different things to different people, for example a PA rig is a common term for a high power amplification system used for performances by artists and bands. Public address and sound reinforcement are terms used for amplification systems used for other purposes.

Public address equipment

Today amplification systems enable gatherings of all sizes to be addressed with ease under varied circumstances. There is increasing demand for such facilities, from clubs and small local halls, to large sports stadia, from single speaker meetings to multi speaker conferences, for stage plays and musical events, for indoor assemblies and outdoor.

It may be worth discussing the difference between public address and sound reinforcement systems. The terms are somewhat self explanatory, sound reinforcement is used to enhance the natural voices of speakers where they would otherwise be insufficient to reach the whole audience. Examples of this type of system would include a church or place of worship and a lecture theatre.

Public address however is where the public is to be addressed, in other words the audience is large and spread over a wide area, which prevents being reached with the natural voice. Often the speaker will be remote from the listener as in the case of a station announcer or factory public address system.

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