Public Address and music systems for hotels, leisure and retail sites

Regardless of whether you need to cover a large or small area, one or more floors, or multiple buildings across several sites, we have both the experience and solutions for your PA or background music needs.

Keeping staff or customers happy with background music is easy with an integrated system which is overriden during announcements. Tie your telephone system or time pips and you have a multi-functional system without great expense. Make your "Tannoy" system do several jobs for you at the same time!

Hotels and Leisure - Public address & music systems

We have supplied sound systems and public address to many hotels, leisure sites and other diverse locations. Our ability to select products suitable for any location and provide a first class installation to go along with it, makes us the first choice for many organisations.

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Retail Sites - Public address & music systems

Throughout the past we have worked in many supermarkets, stores and retailers, both as subcontractors and directly employed by the client. As a result we have gained a wealth of experience on operating in these locations and can adapt our services to suit opening hours and other operational constraints. We hope our audio engineering experience will be of some use to you with your next project.

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