Delegate's Conference Systems
Wired and wireless audio systems

Discussion Systems are a versatile method of discussion enhancement intended for small-scale meetings and gatherings. They provide all of the facilities required to control meetings and discussions, and allow delegates to communicate with each other by means of microphones and built in loudspeakers or personal headphones.

Systems can be cabled or wireless depending upon the location, budget and exact operational requirements. As independent suppliers, PAS can select from several manufacturers products to provide the best solution for your conference requirements.

Naturally, we can install any system into any building with our dedicated installation teams.

Wireless Infrared communication system by TOA

Higher security with infrared communication - The system's infrared communication method is not only resistant to radio interference and eavesdropping, but it also permits simultaneous use of systems in adjacent conference rooms with no crosstalk.

Easy installation - Infrared communication system eliminates the need of connecting the conference units. Installation can be done quick and smart without cumbersome cable arrangements.

Easy connection with a single coaxial cable Central unit and Infrared Transmitter/Receiver unit can be connected using a single coaxial cable.

Flexible adaptation to change of the number of participants or layout Up to 96 Chairman and Delegate units can be used per system for TS-900 Series (up to 64 Chairman and Delegate units for TS-800 Series). Cordless and easy-to-relocate feature makes the system ideal for any conference apt to change the number of participants or layout.

Compact light-weight Chairman/Delegate units - Microphone, monitor speaker, Talk key and Speech indicator are totally integrated When the unit's Talk key is pressed, the Microphone indicator lights up to enter the mode accepting a speech. Microphone is removable for compact storage.

Clear sound amplification and recording - The Chairman and Delegate units have a built-in monitor speaker which makes talker's voice clearly audible at each seat. When recording equipment is connected to the Central unit, clear recording is possible which is indispensable in preparing conference minutes.

Selectable power supply system - Both Chairman and Delegate units can be operated on either their built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (for approx. 10 hours use) or AC power supply. Battery charger can recharge up to 8 lithium-ion batteries at a time in about 5 hours.

Adjustable to broader area use - Up to 16 Infrared Transmitter/Receiver units can be connected to expand the area of infrared communication coverage using a distributor.

Capability of manipulation from PC or console (customized) - Using the dedicated software, it is possible to control the system from PC or console to perform recording, giving permission of speech, and other operations.

Conference ONE Discussion System from Shure

  • Simple to setup and operate
  • Consistently natural, feedback-free audio - automatically
  • Shure's unique IntelliMix® automatic mixing technology for superior audio and intelligibility
  • Up to 59 delegates with one chairman


  • Shure's innovative, fold-out telescoping microphone arm for time-saving setup and storage.
  • Microphones have integrated LED lightring.
  • Detachable cables fitted with Neutrik MiniCon® locking plugs for fast and secure connections without the limitations of fixed cable lengths.
  • Setup in a daisy chain configuration, chairman and delegates consoles can be connected in any order for easily adapting configurations to fit your needs.
  • Both automatic and push-to-talk operating modes for flexibility.
  • Control of all basic conferencing functions including operating mode, number of active microphones, volume, cancel and priority overrides for ease-of-use and convenience.
  • Push-to-talk buttons with excellent tactile response for user confidence.

Also available for basic conferencing applications, ConferenceONE Standard Discussion System accommodates up to 30 meeting participants. The delegate units are wired back to a power supply. Simple push-to-talk operation.

We can also supply larger systems with voting options, contact us for details