160 Acre Chemical Plant
PAS recently completed the installation of a site-wide, IT network distributed, emergency PA System at a large chemical plant.

Hospital and Clinics
Contracted to a NHS Trust, PAS have recently supplied access control and CCTV systems to a busy hospital and clinic site.

Town Hall Complex
PAS have recently completed the supply and installation of a large emergency PA system to a very busy and highly occupied local authority headquarters in the City of London.
Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Public Address Systems
Retail Shopping Mall Music and PA System Upgrade

PAS were recently contracted to carry out alterations to the distributed public address system throughout the Cheshire Oaks retail village. The system which had been negelected over a period of years was re-located to a new security and information office with cables re-routed and the system control re-configured. A complete survey of the PA speaker network throughout the site was carried out with new documentation and site plans drawn up.

Cheshire Oaks Retail Outlet
Our proposals were accepted by the site management and put into place by our engineers taking into account the constraints and restrictions on access to certain key areas of the site during business hours. New cables were installed, amplifiers and microphones replaced and the system re-configured to enable it to be zoned if required. The system now functions in a more structured way with all circuits and cables identified, plus full documentation provided to assist in maintenance.
Our involvement at the site goes back earlier when PAS were contracted to supply and install a flexible sound system into the food court area of the retail outlet village. A Bose sound system was designed using specialist design software, and installed to the food court without causing disruption to the busy area. The system is linked to the large screen TV and other music sources with the ability to use a radio microphone when special events require so.
Food court Bose sound system
Public Address - Music System - Bose Speaker System