160 Acre Chemical Plant
PAS recently completed the installation of a site-wide, IT network distributed, emergency PA System at a large chemical plant.

Hospital and Clinics
Contracted to a NHS Trust, PAS have recently supplied access control and CCTV systems to a busy hospital and clinic site.

Town Hall Complex
PAS have recently completed the supply and installation of a large emergency PA system to a very busy and highly occupied local authority headquarters in the City of London.
Site Wide IT Networked PA System
Site Wide IP Networked PA System

Our client was a large international chemical manufacturer who has a 160 acre site in south Wales. For many years their existing site PA system was linked via aging telephone cables across the site. Over recent times the system was proving to be unreliable due to cable faults and unsupported equipment.

Chemical plant PA system
PAS were approached to see if we could provide a solution to the unreliability and in certain areas, poor audio quality. Immediately we saw a solution and suggested using audio network adaptors which would enable the sixteen outstations to function over their existing, modern IT computer network.

This immediately proved a popular idea, as other proposals had suggested replacing cables across the site which would have proved to be very time consuming and expensive. By jumping onto the existing IT network, PAS were able to provide huge cost savings which at one time were heading towards six figures.
PAS rack build area
Some of the sixteen equipment racks being built and tested in our rack build area
As the system was required to function in the event of an emergency, we provided local monitoring of each outstation amplifier rack for speaker and amplifier faults plus mains failure which is signalled back over the network to the site security centre. A custom built fault monitoring system was provided which enables engineering staff on site to localise a problem when it is reported.

PAS built and delivered sixteen new PA racks with amplifiers, network adaptors and standby power supplies in four weeks for installation over a weekend. The entire system was tested in our new rack build department, shipped to site, and swapped over without snags. The new system has been hailed a success by the client and has saved considerable resources by using the existing IT network to communicate across the site.
Emergency Public Address, IP Networked PA System, Battery Backup, Fault Monitoring
Fault display unit
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