DIY Public Address (Tannoy) Systems

Got a small public address requirement and think you could install it yourself?

Then hopefully we can help, the installation of simple PA or Tannoy Systems is well within the capability of most electrical or electronic trained individuals and can save you time and money in the process.


If you have a small works unit or office building, installing a public address system is quite straightforward providing you follow some basic guidelines and choose the correct components and that's where we come in!


We've been supplying and installing commercial and industrial PA systems for more years than we can remember, so can offer you the knowledge you require to select components and install a system which offers you clear, effective communications at reasonable cost. We listen to your requirements, talk through how you want the system to works, discuss the layout and construction of the building to determine speaker types and quantities. Once we have established how the speakers need to be arranged, we help you select the correct amplification, microphones and other control equipment. All you need to do then is purchase the equipment from our comprehensive range and wait for it to turn up at your doorstep!

Public Address Installation Guide

To assist you with your scheme we provide a copy of our PA installation guide with our equipment to assist you with installing the system and setting it up correctly. Simplified to give you the key tips and pointers, the guide will help you avoid the common mistakes that often happen with DIY systems.

What do I need to do next?

Before ringing us have a look around your building, draw a simple sketch and take a few measurements of the floor area and roof height of the area(s) to be covered. Think about some of the following issues:

  1. Do I need global speaker coverage or just to a few key areas?.
  2. Where can I mount loudspeakers in my production area/workshop/warehouse/office?.
  3. Can I run cables easily to the ideal speaker locations?.
  4. Do I just need to make announcements only or add radio?.
  5. Where can I site an amplifier?.
  6. Do I require the system to operate in more than one zone?. i.e. Offices and warehouse
Larger Systems.

With multi-zone systems, multiple microphone inputs, tones and telephone system interfacing we strongly recommend that you are certain that you have someone with both the necessary technical skills and experience to understand the requirements and configuration necessary to make a more complex system work.

It is all too easy to fall foul of some detailed issue which gets missed but causes no end of problems in sorting out. The alternative is of course, to engage our installation teams to carry out the work for you.

The final step

Once your've gathered the basic information required together, pick up the phone and give our sales team a call. We'll advise you of the best way to go and provide you with prices to enable you to make a decision.

Download one of our simple system guides here to see how a small system goes together!

Guide to selecting equipment for a simple commercial Tannoy system
Single zone system - announcements and music to all speakers
Dual zone system - announcements and music to selected areas
Basic 100v system wiring guide

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