50m Swimming Pool
PAS recently completed work on a new pool and leisure centre successfully installing public address, induction loop and speech transfer systems.

Hospital and Clinics
Contracted to a NHS Trust, PAS have recently supplied access control and CCTV systems to a busy hospital and clinic site.

Town Hall Complex
PAS have recently completed the supply and installation of a large emergency PA system to a very busy and highly occupied local authority headquarters in the City of London.
Courts and Justice Centres
Court Sound Systems and Induction Loops

With an extensive track record of working in government departments and in particular the Justice system, PAS have worked in court buildings throughout the UK, providing a variety of audio and communication systems into both general areas and courtrooms, including Magistrate's, County and Crown Courts, Justice Centres, Tribunals Offices

Court room sound system
UK's first Criminal Justice Centre
PAS successfully completed the supply and installation of various audio systems to the first community justice centre in England and Wales. The CJC aims to bring a number of services under one roof, such as a courtroom and support and advice services for victims of crime, offenders and the community with Police, Crown Prosecution Service, probation and youth offending teams all having offices at the centre to provide advice and support services.

PAS supplied state of the art PC controlled audio equipment, which provides clear and intelligble speech reinforcement in a discrete manner to the courtroom. Links from the system feed video conferencing equipment and infra-red hearing assistance systems. Further rooms in the centre were supplied with induction loop systems and other infra red audio equipment.
Courtroom sound
On time and budget

With a constantly changing deadline the installation and commissioning of the scheme was carried out on budget and by the final completion date by PAS to the total satisfaction of the client and the contractors. Courts staff were pleased with the systems which they found to be simple to operate, yet comprehensive enough to meet all their operational requirements.
We have tailored audio systems in courts to provide clear, intelligible speech whilst maintaining a discrete appearance, and at the same time ensuring that the requirements of the DDA are met.

Working both directly for the courts services and main contractors during other works, PAS have both the experience and credibility to work independantly or as part of a team to deliver solutions on time anywhere.

With the introduction of secure docks in Magistrate's courts recently, PAS have developed a number of audio systems to improve the subsequent problem of poor audibility between the dock and the rest of the court. These solutions are tailored to suit the individual court room layout and conditions.
Courtroom sound reinforcement systems - Induction loop systems - Infra Red audio systems

Building Public Address and Voice Alarm - Speech transfer systems at enquiry windows