Hospital Trust - Sitewide IP Intercom System
Busy Hospital gets IP Networked Intercom Communication

Many hospitals use intercoms as an auxilliary method of communicating between departments, in lieu of the main telephone system. Naturally the additional cabling can be a considerable cost factor in such a system. With the IP networked digital networked intercom system supplied by PAS, this hospital was able to bolt the system onto it's considerable IT network.

Hospital site gets new intercom system
Our client was a major hospital in the North West which needed to replace its aging intercom system which was no longer maintainable. A system which would enable the extensive site wide IT cabling to be used was preferred, and the TOA N-8000 system was selected.

Exchange units were located in several different locations throughout the site in existing IT/comms locations in order to pick up the structured cabling network and then linked via their IP addresses throughout the entire IT network.

The result waz§s an 8 exchange, 128 extension system which is expandable and flexible should the site which is continually expanding, develop further.

PAS engineers liaised closely with Trust IT staff to programme the exchange units and extensions to operate in the required manner and the system is now up and running successfully.

If you are looking for a communication solution on your site, call us now to discuss how we can possibly provide a similar solution.
N-8000 intercom system