50M Swimming Pool
PAS recently completed work on a new pool and leisure centre successfully installing public address and intercom systems.

160 Acre Chemical Plant
PAS recently completed the installation of a site-wide, IT network distributed, emergency PA System at a large chemical plant.

Town Hall Complex
PAS have recently completed the supply and installation of a large emergency PA system to a very busy and highly occupied local authority headquarters in the City of London.
Fire Station Public Address Systems
Dorset Fire and Rescue Service - Public Address Systems

PAS Sound were appointed specialist suppliers to the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service when they recently carried out the construction of two new fire stations and a headquarters building. Each building required a multi-zone public address system to enable both operational and support staff the ability to communicate to different areas of the buildings.

Fire station public address system
The impressive and rather unique new buildings at Poundbury (above) were architecurally styled in sympathy with the colonial style of the new town, built with input from the Prince of Wales. A new brigade headquarters building was built on the same site as the fire station in a similar architectural style. Since opening, the two Poundbury PA systems have been modified to combine and link the two together into one 35 zone system.

In addition to the public address systems, a sound masking system to minimise distraction from nearby conversations was installed to the administration areas and carefully setup with acoustic analysis equipment.
Fire station PA
We developed a twenty zone PA systems for the Poole site which was powered by a UPS system. Both sites had digital message stores provided which were linked to the buildings' security systems for triggering pre-recorded messages.
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service - Tannoy Systems

This brand new fire station and area offices were recently opened in Liverpool and PAS were contracted to supply and install a distributed tannoy system throughout the site. The three storey building constructed by Balfour Beatty was built on a new site to make way for other city centre re-developments. The public address system employed programmable amplifiers, digital message stores and links to the brigade telephone and data networks for communications to headquarters.

Fire station tannoy system
Since the successful application of the TOA amplifiers to this site, Merseyside Fire and Rescue authority have been supplied with new amplifiers and digital message stores by PAS Sound for all their other fire stations around the region. These have now been installed and are operating on a daily basis providing stations with effective local communication from microphones, call out tones when a fire call is received and other signals for when telephone calls are being received and visitors arrive at the building. An effective use of a public address system to deliver more than just announcements to a site.